Celebrities without makup

True Faces of Celebrities Without Makeup

Celebrities are the stars of our little universes. Everywhere they go they shine bright and make everyone around them look dull in comparison. Most of us have only ever seen celebrities on the television where they’ve had a host of professionals sit down with them to make sure that they look better than good. Hell, those makeup artists make them look beyond human. It all goes to the effect of making them the stars that they are.

Catch these superstars without the thick layers of expensive foundation, eye-popping eyeshadow, and mascara and you may just walk right by them without even recognizing them. Models especially and famous actresses like Jennifer Aniston. Their entire claim to fame is based on their looks and when they’re not on the red carpet they may still have the runway swagger but their true faces are as plain as Jane next door.


Gigi Hadid

Gigi is a model and boyfriend to Joe Jonas recently went out for dinner looking a little less than fabulous. Her eyes looked puffy and she had hair tied Celebrities without makeupup in a bun. She looked a far cry from her runway best however, she still kept a subtle beauty about her. Joe Jonas is a lucky man if that’s the kind of beauty that he gets to see before breakfast.

Celebrities without makeup are hard to find, especially models, so it’s refreshing when the most confident of the bunch such as Heidi Klum sometimes share photos of themselves before and after the makeup chair and the difference can take your breath away when you see their true faces. In Heidi’s pictures, she looks beautiful both before and after however it just goes to show how much work makeup artists do and the miracles that they can perform. Some of the celebrities are still beautiful without makeup as well as girls from London escorts.

No Makeup Selfies

No makeup selfies became popular in 2014 with a campaign aimed at raising funds for cancer and all of a sudden the internet was filled with photos of celebrities without makeup. Almost two years later we are still seeing a large number of celebrity au-naturel photos as they can’t seem to get enough of the empowerment that comes with feeling beautiful even without cosmetics. London escorts also have amazing photos of girls without makeup, that you can browse on the website.

Demi Lovato all Natural

Demi Lovato got hooked on no make-up selfies. Long after the fund-raising campaign ended she still likes to upload photos of herself all natural. She posts one of herself almost every Monday withDemi Lovato Without Makeupno makeup Monday” and the on that she shared on October 5th, 2015 is one the best. In it, she has got a bathroom robe on, her wet hair is tied up in a hair net, and she’s got the silliest duck-face
going on. She looks great without makeup. Her skin may be a little pale however she has the cutest freckles going across her cheeks and nose. She’s a class act, Demi Lovato.

Other celebrities without makeup say that they feel naked. They feel exposed and vulnerable. Kourtney Kardashian is not new to feeling exposed after having cameras follow her around for her hit TV series however the camera crew does come with a host of make-up professionals to make sure that she’s always looking camera ready. In October of 2015, Kourtney decided to show her true face to the world and uploaded a no-make selfie amidst the on-going drama with her ex-partner Scott Disick to show the world that she has nothing to hide. This may be the humble opinion of one writer but I have to say, she looks beautiful. She has natural beauty working in her favor. With rosy cheeks and full lips the color of sandalwood of her true face, it’s a wonder why she ever uses makeup at all.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney’s sister Kim decided to upload a no make-up selfie too and she looks even better than she does with it on. There’s something special in those Kardashian genes. If it wasn’t for all the Kourtney Kardashian no makeup selfieendorsements that they get from cosmetic companies, I bet the Kardashians would never wear makeup and they would still turn heads.

Not every celebrity is as care-free as Demi, Kim or Kourtney. Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight so you can understand why they go to such great lengths to ensure that pictures of themselves without makeup never see the light of day, even going so far as to pay off paparazzi who got in with a lucky shot of them without foundation as the demand for photos of celebrities without makeup is high. They’re under a lot of pressure to look their best at all times. This is why it is so refreshing when some celebrities make it a point to go make up free in public more often than the general public approves of.

Whitney Port

Whitney is one such celebrity. The designer was criticized by her followers for sharing a makeup-free photo on her Instagram and she responded by uploading another one. She captioned theWhitney Port picture by saying “I’m gonna embrace my bare, colorless, pale and ghostly skin because I don’t need to hide behind anything. I urge you all out there not to be afraid of showing that beautiful, bare face of yours to the world.” Good on you Whitney! Now this is the kind of role-model behavior that we need from our celebrities; the type to promote natural beauty and tell all those women across the world who suffer from identity and image issues that they are beautiful as they are.

Tyra Banks True Face

As much we’d like to believe that celebrities without makeup look just as good as they do with it on, that may not be the case for every celebrity. Tyra
Tyra BanksBanks’ motivation for uploading a no makeup selfie was that she wanted the world to see the ‘real’ her. As a model, the make-up chair is a part of her life and after years of using her face as a canvas for make-up artists, she decided that the world needs to know what she really looks like and the contrast is stark. Without makeup, her face does not radiate the same beauty however her bare face is bursting with character and she looks like the kind of person that anyone can relate to and get along with.

With Tyra, we have seen that celebrities without makeup may not always look as fabulous as they do on-screen and she is not the only one. In May of 2015, Emma Stone was at her stunning best as she appeared on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. A few hours later she was photographed on her way through LAX and she looked to be a completely different person. She went from red carpet diva to nerdy girl next door and while she may have turned a few heads on the red carpet, I’d take her in the nerdy, plain look any day. Damn, those glasses give her hot look.

Celebrity Role Models

While you may not recognize your favorite celebrities without makeup when you see their true faces if you passed them on the street, it’s good to see that they are taking the initiative and reclaiming their own beauty by posting photos of themselves online. The no make-up selfies probably have a filter or two added to them however it is still a step in the right direction. Celebrities without makeup are role models for the youth as they are showing our young women that they can feel self-confident through their appreciation of natural beauty. You can also check out the picture gallery with all the beautiful models from cheapest Escorts in London and choose some of the girls.

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