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Make Love At Weird Places, Add Spark In Your Relationship

Sometimes making love in the bedroom might not give pleasure and fun to you. In that situation, you wish to add some spark and spice in your life with some twist and changes. If you are having this kind of situation and you are not able to feel excitement when you make love with you partner, then you can try to change the place for same. When you make love with her or him at unusual places, then chances are really high that you will be able to fantastic fun and excitement in this love making.

For your reference, I am sharing details of few unusual places that you can try to make love with you partner and to add spark in your relationship.

The locker room of Gym:

If you and your partner work out together, then locker room of your gym can be the best place for you to make love. You can do this after your workout session is completed and you can release some of the stress with your sexual session as well. But at the time of making love in gym’s locker room, you need to make sure you are not making much sound else other people will imagine about those things that going on behind the locker room.

Public toilet:

Fear of getting caught while making love can actually increase the passion and excitement in both of you. You can easily get this feeling if you make love in a public toilet. You can go to a public toilet with your partner and you can just start doing your business while others are doing their business. When you make love in a public toilet, then you need to keep your mouth shut and you need to reduce the sound as much as possible to avoid the disturbance and to increase the passion.

Backseat of a car:

You may have your own apartment or a big house, but if you will make love on the back seat of your car, then it will surely give excitement and fun to you. You can simply choose this option as well for making love in very unsafe surrounding and you can get more excitement in this compared to any other option. Another good thing about this option is that if you get excited while travelling with you partner, then you can have pleasure in that situation as well.

While travelling:

Whether you are travelling in a private compartment of the train or you are having an overnight journey in the bus or plane, you can make love in your journey and you can add some spice in the relationship. In your journey, you can simply slip inside the blanket, and you can start making love with each other. If you are not making much noise, then all will stay asleep and you will be able to love each other in a fantastic manner.

In addition to this, you can also think about making love in the wood, or you can book a motel to change the place and you can do role play activities. Other than this, a boat, parking garage and private swimming pool can be few more weird places where you can make love and you can add more spark in the relationship.